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Margin & Meaning is an event created and fostered by Its purpose is to radically convey the timeless wisdom about money found in God's word. We've broken this wisdom down into two concepts: Margin & Meaning.


God wants to remove the pain of financial pressures and previous mistakes in our lives. Using verses from God's word as well as worldly wisdom, the event will teach you how to have more of everything left at the end of the month. More money, more time, more breathing room, and more peace. Regardless of your financial state, whether you are a millionaire, loaded down with debt, living paycheck to paycheck, or just cruising along, you will be impacted by Gods financial plan for your life. You will learn proven, time-tested practical techniques and principles that will help you get on track, stay or track or just plain find the track.


Meaning is about finding true satisfaction and pleasure in this life and the next. Not the pleasure offered by the world, but something God promises us is much greater - a lifestyle of radical generosity. Don't worry, the word tithe will not be used. The doors will not be locked while we shake you down for loose change. Its not about what we want from you, its about what we (and God) wants for you. Its about living like we are not going to spend eternity on this earth. Its about using your margin for things that are guaranteed to give you lasting satisfaction. The event will show you how.


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